Birthday Tapas

Mini Chicken, Leek and Olive Pies

Chilli and Chocolate Popcorn based on
Salted Caramel Popcorn but using a tablespoon of cocoa, a heaped teaspoon of salt flakes, and half a teaspoon each of cinnamon, nutmeg and chilli flakes to flavour the caramel.
Patatas Bravas roasted in duck fat with a sprinkle of salt flakes and polenta served with Roast Tomato Sauce No tuna at the market meant that Pan-fried tuna with smoky paprika became Pan-fried Salmon with Smoky Paprika
Manchego and corn fritters with Capsicum Jam Chicken, Leek and Olive Pie is an old favourite clipped from Gourmet Traveller with a new twist: baked in muffin-sized shortcrust pastry cases and topped with a disc of chorizo that crisped while baking. Orange and Olive Salad that was a riff on the vibe from various sources.
Chocolate with sweet olive oil Sambuca kisses but skipped the sambuca served with Caramel Sauce. And another pearl from the Gourmet Traveller archives: Peaches stuffed with Macadamias and Ginger.

One comment

  1. What a fine birthday feast and what a lucky recipient of such wares. LOVED that chicken situation. Love my some Cook in shorts x

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