Party-sized Pizza Dough

Dessert Pizza

Dessert Pizza
Bulked up the pizza dough for extra guests and recorded the quantities for future reference. This batch made enough dough for 2 large pizza and 4 small pizza bases, plus six mini bases for individual dessert pizzas.

Thursday Evening

Leaven (prepared on day T-1 last week) All of it (about 100g)
Spring water 150g
Rye flour 50g
Wholemeal flour 50g
White flour 100g

Mix all ingredients and tip into a 1 litre jug. Cover jug with plastic wrap and perch on top of the fridge towards the back for 24 hours.

Friday Evening

Starter (prepared the day before)
Spring water 870g
Olive oil 45g
White bread flour 1200g
Rye flour 20g

Scoop 50g of starter into a small bowl with all the rye flour and 30g water, then mix vigourously to make a smooth paste. Pour mixture into a clean jar, seal and store in the refrigerator for next week’s pizza.

Mix remaining ingredients, and follow instructions from the T-1 section of the new regimen post.

Saturday Evening

Follow instructions from the T-0 section of the new regimen post.

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