Duck and pancakes

Finished product

New Year’s Eve dinner was twice-cooked duck and pancakes.
Duck Surveyed several twice cooked duck recipes, and settled on a hybrid which most closely resembled Steamed and Roasted Whole Duck with the addition of a sprig of rosemary in the cavity and steaming under an aluminium foil tent in the oven rather than a steamer, but also drew cooking times and temperatures from Crispy Skin Twice-cooked Hoisin Duck and Twice Cooked Whole Roast Duck.
Plum sauce While the duck was cooking, boiled up a batch of Jamie’s plum sauce that he served with his version of Crispy Peking Duck in Pancakes.
Raw pancake Pancakes With the duck roasting and sauce simmering, whipped up a batch of pancakes. Happy New Year!

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