101’s Millet Croquettes

Millet Croquette 1
Have been serving batches of 101’s Millet Croquettes alongside stews and casseroles rather than a side dish of potato mash or polenta. However find that the brands of semolina available at the local supermarkets need much more liquid than the single cup of milk and water specified in the recipe. It’s more like five cups (three of milk plus two of water) required to make a creamy filling. Also omit the shredded greens for the sake of keeping the croquettes appealing to picky eaters (who find shredded greens hidden in their food detestable), and toast the millet grains in a little oil before simmering them to provide a contrasting texture within the croquette centres. Lastly, double dip the croquettes (egg, panko, egg, panko) before arranging on paper lined trays, drizzling with olive oil, then baking at 200ºC for about 30 minutes, flipping once during this time, until golden and crunchy.

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