Sunday Roast

Caught a re-run of the English episode of Food Safari on SBS where the combination of mustardy-crusted Roast Beef and puffy, crispy Yorkshire Puddings has something attractive for the both the meat and non-meat lovers in the family.  The last batch of Perfect Yorkshire Pudding left some room for improvement in the areas of lightness and crispness, which was promised in Gary Rhodes New British Classics version through the use of an additional egg white.  Next time, it will be half milk and half water plus the egg white.

Lastly, a tray of Momofuku Milk Bar’s chocolate-chocolate cookies from the freezer stash rounded out the meal.

Momofuku Cookies

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  1. Could you please suggest a wine to accompany that beef dish. I thought a Margaux might be nice, but haven’t been there recently.

    A trip to Bordeux might be good. Research? Business trip.

    Yorkshire puds are fabulous

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