Holiday Bread for Easter

Easter Bread Slice

Wonder how many folk are making Holiday Bread for Easter via the New York Times this morning? While not strictly a Hot Cross Bun, thought it would be nice to finish the lead-up-to-Easter-series with a suitably extravagant festive loaf. Powered the project with a sourdough engine by replacing 250ml milk and 625g of flour with 175ml milk, 150g starter, and 550g bread flour; swapped cranberries for dried sour cherries. Heady spices seemed to sap the vigour of the leaven, but the trusty little workers pulled through overnight. Shaped the braided loaves after an early morning visit to the airport, then baked the loaves around dawn which meant the house smelled of freshly baked yeast goods as its slumbering tenants woke to greet the day. Happy Easter!

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