Pea Buckwheat and Mint Salad

Buckwheat Pea and Mint SaladOde to a salad consumed at Peppermint Bay:

Prepare 1 cup of buckwheat following directions on the packet. Drain and cool.

Grate a zucchini, sprinkle with salt and drain for about half an hour. Rinse, drain, and squeeze dry in a clean tea towel.

Finely slice half a red onion, leaves picked from six sprigs of mint, and a handful of greens (beetroot leaves, baby silverbeet, tetragonia, shizu).

Heat a quarter cup of olive oil and crisp a tablespoon of cooked, drained buckwheat; stir frequently to prevent clumping and when almost ready add a tablespoon of fennel seeds and stir until the seeds start to pop. Drain and reserve oil.

Boil two cups of frozen peas until just tender, drain, rinse and cool.

Combine buckwheat, onion, zucchini, sliced leaves, reserved oil and juice of a lemon in a large bowl. Toss gently, sprinkle with toasted buckwheat and fennel seeds.

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