Plum and Avocado Pastries

Tray of Plum and Avocado Pastries

Cross Section of Plum and Avocado PastriesHard to pass the window of Fatto a Mano without stopping to look for today’s surprise. The odd combination of in-house baked English muffin topped with avocado, melted cheese and half a plum was surprisingly good, and translated well into a filling for Breakfast Pastries. Spread half a finely diced plum, an equal amount of finely diced avocado, a grating of cheddar and a good grind of black pepper over the stretched dough before rolling and baking. Experimented with the pastry recipe using only oats, flour, and a cup and a half of water – not such a great result – but am now a follower of the plum and avocado revolution.

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