Holiday Slaw

Borrowed the idea of an oriental salad and chopped up a batch of slaw to serve alongside fish cakes and also pan-fried teriyaki chicken. Passed vinegar and oil separately rather than dressing the salad so that leftovers remain crunchy for tomorrow’s lunch time wraps.
Steep a finely sliced red onion with two or three shredded kafir lime leaves in the juice of a lemon for half an hour in a large bowl. Drain off excess juice and toss with the following finely sliced salad items: a quarter of a wombok, half a green capsicum, a handful of snow peas, a long, green chilli, and three green onions. Add a grated carrot and a cup or so of mixed herb leaves: coriander, mint, and basil. Scatter with a handful of dry roasted peanuts before serving.

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