Tomato Tart


Pulled parts of different recipes together to make a tart that was mostly tomato, part quiche, and part Caprese Salad.

Sweated two thinly sliced red onions and garlic cloves until very soft, and caramelised them with a soupspoon each of brown sugar, Worcestershire, balsamic and soy. Made pastry similar to the base of French Tomato Tart but used 100g each butter and sharp cheddar.

Heated the oven to 200C.

Chilled the pastry overnight then rolled it between sheets of baking paper to get it as thin as manageable to line a large pizza tray. Spread two tablespoons of mustard over the pastry, leaving a three centimetre border, then sprinkled a soupspoon or two of coarse semolina over. Left that to dry out while roughly slicing a punnet of red, yellow and green heritage tomatoes and draining a jar of marinated, semi dried, tomato strips, saving the oil to brush over the pastry crust before baking.

Strewed caramelised onion and drained tomato strips over the mustard and polenta barrier, then laid the brightly coloured tomato slices on top. Folded the pastry border to overlap the filling slightly, and brushed the upturned crust with reserved, marinated, semi dried tomato strip oil. Wanted this tart to be a sturdy main course, so whisked a third of a cup of sour cream with three large eggs, and poured this into the centre of the tart once it was sitting securely on the centre tray of the preheated oven.

Baked for 30 minutes, until the eggs were browned but still a little wobbly, and pastry was golden and crisp. Cooled tart on a rack. Drained a large, fresh mozzarella ball and cut thin slices from it. Cut tart into wedges, then tucked basil leaves between mozzarella slices arranged over the top to serve.

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