Rock Cakes

Rock Cakes

What to bake while travelling? This post is the first in a new thread where the overarching theme is tasty, nutritious meals on the road. The recipes have to meet a few criteria:

  • simple ingredients: the sorts of things easily accessible while on holiday
  • no fancy equipment: though have been known to travel with a potato ricer
  • quick to prepare and cook: who want’s to spend their holidays preparing meals?
  • healthy alternatives to cafe and take-away meals: can only eat so many nuggets and chip meals

First post is a take on Dan Lepard’s Rock Cakes: a cross between a cake and a scone, but simpler to make as no muffin tray, rolling or cutting is required. The batch pictured are flavoured with the pumpkin seed, rolled oat, and chocolate combination (60g each) featured in Stephanie’s chocolate and pumpkin seed biscuits. About 50ml milk rather than the specified 25ml was required to make a soft, scone-style dough, and an ice cream scoop made nice, evenly sized raw lumps.

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