Baked beans

Unperturbed by a long list of ingredients as had prepared a sachet of baked bean spices for Barbecue Pit Beans, though did not follow the original recipe precisely: caramelised two diced onions and a cubed puck of kaiserfleisch in a little butter and oil before bronzing a dozen or so crushed garlic cloves. Poured in half a cup of cider vinegar to deglaze the pan, when that had evaporated tipped in the spices (reserved two teaspoons of spice for Breakfast Sandwiches) and  waited for fragrance to billow from the pan. Sluiced a half cup of tomato sauce, a large tin of crushed tomatoes, 500g soaked and drained borlotti beans, and enough water to cover. Did not use brown sugar or maple syrup prescribed in the original recipe; figured sufficient sweetness would be derived from caramelised vegetables and tomato sauce. Used a sheet of baking paper as a cartouche and baked the beans for 90 minutes in a 150C oven. Served with poached eggs and sourdough toast.

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