Cinnamon Buns


Tend to use instagram as my diary these days, but save homemade creations for the blog. So tedious to tap out an explanation on the phone. Missed Cinnamon Bun Day this week, but learned about it as I caught up with the backlog in my inbox and posts. Made a batch of dough Friday night to bake on Saturday morning using the pastry and icing from Emine Hassan’s Overnight Cinnamon Buns with the filling from Dan Lepard’s Cinnamon Buns recipe via the Guardian. Ryvita crumbs seem like something an authentic Scandinavian would include. Also incorporated a teaspoon of cardamom seeds in the filling, the zest from the lemon in the pastry, and switched the buttermilk for yoghurt. Lastly took a shaping cue from Brontë Aurell in the Telegraph.

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