Breakfast Pizza 2.0

Chocolate Breakfast Pizza

Increased the water content of last week’s Breakfast Pizza to 250ml, making the dough a little softer. Also added a grind of salt to the chocolate filling after watching Yotam do the same to apricot ensaimada filling.

Made an Orange and Poppy Seed filling from a tablespoon each of soft butter, brown sugar, chopped mixed citrus peel, poppy seeds, currants, and an eighth of a teaspoon of ground allspice.

Shaped the pizza in the same flower shape on Friday evening, and baked them the following morning. The softer mixture and longer rising period meant that the dough had time to expand into the nooks and crannies formed by the twisting process, and made the finished product a little less like a pizza base and little more like a breakfast focaccia.


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