Oat, chia, coconut and almond pikelets

imagePretty much emptied the last of the holiday shopping from its packets to conjure up a batch of pikelets. What’s the difference between a pikelet and a pancake? That would be the squidge-factor: pancakes don’t have it.
Mix a mug of rolled oats and a quarter of a mug of chia seeds with two mugs of water in a large bowl. Leave for an hour so for the grains to absorb the water. Stir through a quarter mug each of coconut flakes and flaked almonds, then mix in two large eggs beaten with a 160g tub of Greek-style yogurt and a large dessert spoon of melted butter. Fold through a mug of self raising flour, and enough water to make a batter with a dolloping consistency (about one third of a mug). Scoop soupspoonfuls of batter into a frying pan warmed over medium heat and greased with a half-teaspoon of butter. Flip after two or three minutes and cook the alternate side. Check the centre of the first pikelet and lower the heat if the pikelet is not cooked through. Serve with lemon wedges and cinnamon sugar, or with a smear of butter.

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