Smashed Av on Sourdough Buns

Smashed Avocado on Sourdough Buns with Mint Salsa and Goat Cheese
Have been hankering for Smashed Avocado since spying it on a cafe menu, but left disappointed as gloomy weather had prevented the chef’s avocados from ripening. Today’s home-sourced version was composed from a batch of Sourdough Buns, the flesh of 4 smallish avocados smashed with the juice of a lemon, about 200g crumbled goats cheese, topped with simple salsa made from a handful of shredded mint leaves, a quarter of a red onion (very finely sliced), and a glug of olive oil. Served crisp bacon on the side.

Rather than make scrolls this week, cut the refrigerated dough into a dozen wedges, flattened each and shaped it into a round bun. After an overnight rise at room temperature, brushed the buns with egg wash, then sprinkled each with either sesame or poppy seeds Followed the familiar baking routine, however moved the buns from the top shelf as they were browning rather rapidly. Cooled on a rack while preparing the toppings.
Sourdough Buns ready for Raising Risen Sourdough Buns sprinkled with Seeds Baked Sourdough Buns

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